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Do-Kyeong Kim , Manager

Chungpung Co., Ltd.
Toothbrush sterilizer & Bathroom ionizer

Toothbrush Sterilizer & Bathroom Ionizer

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Toothbrush Sterilizer & Bathroom Ionizer

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 Model Number



  • Model Name : CAP-M1010
  • Dimension : (Body) 331*74.5*198mm
  • (Body+Stand) 377*150*198mm
  • Weight: 1,650g(Product Body), 900g(Stand)
  • Power Source: Customer Oriented
  • Power consumption: 15W
  • Length of code: 2m

Feature & Function

  • Tooth-brush Sterilizer + Anion air purifier
  • Elimination of bad gas, odor, molds, virus by anion air purifying function
  • Generating 100K/cc of anion
  • Outstanding sterilization(UV lamp adopted)
  • Outstanding sterilization(NANO-silver technology adopted)
  • Outstanding sterilization(Photocatalytic coating on the inside of product
  • Sterilization & dryness of tooth-brush(PTC heater adopted)
  • Safe door switch adopted
  • Automatic sterilizing timer function
  • Blue LED & Special chrome plating
  • Special coating for protecting humidity, discoloration, transmutation
  • Both Wall hanger type & Stand type is available
  • Power saving SMPS engineering

Tooth-brush Sterilizing function

  • Ultra Violet Razor sterilization : Strong UV lamp eliminates bacteria on the tooth-brush
  • NANO-silver sterilization : Adopts ultra corpuscle NANO-silver resin, which use silver(99% of anti-biotic & sterilization)
  • Photo catalytic sterilization : It eliminates bad material such as Nitrogen oxides, Formaldehyde by chemical reaction of Titanium dioxide and it has sterilizing & deodorizing efficiency

Air purifying function

  • Plasma anion system : eliminates bathroom's odor and prevent growing of mold so that it can keep fresh bathroom
  • Anion shower : It generates over 100k PCS of Anion(cc/piece) and makes fresh air such as the air around Forest of Waterfall
  • Deodorization & elimination of micro-dust
    Eliminates bad odors such as ammonia and eliminates micro-dust

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